Gary Elliston BEM is the Managing Director of RIGHT TRAX, Gary served thirty years in the British Army (Royal Corps of Signals).  He was awarded the British Empire Medal in 1990 and has travelled extensively around the united kingdom and various countries worldwide gaining experience in a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds.

Shortly after receiving his award, Gary was seriously injured whilst training at Catterick Army Camp and was run over by a tank (fortunately for him it was only a medium sized one !).  Because of his strength, stamina and will to achieve, he recovered fully after a year of hospital operations and physiotherapy.

Team Sergeant for the White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team, duties included training, safety and choreography of the arena show.  As a result of this achievement, he set up a motorcycle road show to promote and recruit for the Royal Signals, which proved to be the most successful in the Army.

In 1996 he became Assistant Director (training) for the 'IMPS' International Motorcycle Display Team based in East London.  He is a member of the board for the "International Association of Motorcycle Display Teams”.

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Stuart Stainthorpe is the Team Manager of RIGHT TRAX, Stuart served ten years in the British Army (Royal Corp of Signals).

Completed three operational tours in the various countries of the former Yugoslavia.  Worked with the Royal Signals recruiting teams and worked successfully with young people from all cultural backgrounds, travelling extensively around the United Kingdom.

His trade & training is in fleet management and has a thorough knowledge of vehicle mechanical principles.  He is able to service vehicles and take charge of servicing and inspection teams.

Stuart instructs in all practical aspects of the trade and conducts tests in accordance with regulations.  Stuart’s last posting before discharge was with the TA in Middlesbrough, where he was in charge of the regiments fleet of vehicles.

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Registered in England & Wales.  Registration number: 5253660 | VAT Registration number: 870889765

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