“Cleveland Police are working in partnership with and fully support RIGHT TRAX to reduce the illegal use of motorcycles.  The programme gives young people the opportunity to work as part of a team, build self confidence and gain an understanding of their role as a responsible and respectable citizen within their community.” - Charlie Bell (Inspector), Coulby Newham Police Office, Middlesbrough

“Thank you again for your time and expertise, and in particular your care and individual assistance...” - Penny Lockwood, Litcham High School, King’s Lynn - July 2005

“The way in which the event was organised, controlled and delivered was a credit to RIGHT TRAX.  Showing what can be achieved if the instructors are motivated and willing to get involved with challenging young people.” - Bob Tudge, Communities Projects Officer, HMP & YOI Warren Hill, Suffolk - August 2005

“These lads can often present challenging behaviors but throughout the course the were motivated, on task and enthusiastic which illustrates the success of the course and the way in which it was delivered.” - A. Ellwood, Senior Learning Mentor, Greencroft School, Stanley, County Durham - April 2006

“This is the third year we have had Gary and his motorbikes visit us as part of our raising attainment project.  Pupils are introduced at the beginning of the term.  If they show/maintain good behavior or improve their attitude throughout the year, then the reward is a session on the motorbikes.” -   Caroline Gourley, Principle Teacher Guidance, Biewforth High School, Kirkcaldy Fife

“The cadets had the time of their lives and it is plain to see that the motorcycle training was a complete success.  Over the days that passed, they were still talking about it.” - Clint M Riley, Major (Training Officer) Kent Army Cadet Force

“The project was a complete success and I feel the young people and staff got a lot out of it.  The course was just right in terms of the needs and wants of the young people and the work and effort put in by John and Harry was fantastic.” - Bryn Roberts, Youth Inclusion Programme Manager, Motiv8 - February 2008

“I wanted to tell you of a particular incident where your team showed great understanding and patience.  We had one lad who was very frightened by the thought of going on a motorbike, but really wanted to do it.  However, fear got the better of him to the point of tears and for twenty minutes he could just not allow himself to even go near a motorbike.  Darren was so incredibly patient and reassuring working one to one with James, and in the end gave him the confidence to try.  What a fantastic outcome for the boy, who was absolutely thrilled at being successful and finding the courage to ride the motorbike.” - Jules Taylor, Careers Co-ordinator, Brandles School, Herts. - June 2008

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